Micro Dentistry

Microscope technology has been regularly applied in the surgical fields of medicine like neurosurgery and ophthalmology since quite some time now. However this application of magnification in the field of dentistry has been very recent and has brought revolution in the way modern, complex and high standard dental treatments are performed on the patients.

Our clinic is equipped by one of its kind Carl Zeiss Dental microscope. It lets the dentist to visualize familiar structure in totally different way, with finest details that were concealed in the past. It is an indispensable device which has been connected with the high resolution video camera which projects the magnified images on the LCD monitor, which clients can see.

What is the benefit to the patients at the dental arcade with microscope enhanced dentistry?

Microscope enhanced endodontic procedures:

It permits complex system of canals to be recognized, managed and identified in safe and precise manner, which makes it easier to resolve cases which would in past be impossible to resolve without magnification. Like retrieval of broken instruments in root canals.

Restorative and cosmetic procedures:

Finishing and polishing the final edges of the prosthesis, checking the tooth/material obturation interface and checking the adjustments of metallic structures and porcelain edges, high resolution

It also facilitates the on demand documentation of the treatment( both video and photographic)

At The Dental Arcade we can proudly say we are the only dental clinic in the tri-city that uses the technique of Micro Dentistry.