Equipments Used


Woson is not only the first brand of company, but also corporate master brand. As one of the earliest enterprise on stomatology equipments and sterilizing equipment, is "WOSON" brand.

The newly-designed model with opening water tank on the top, strictly meets the standard of EN13060. It adopts European "B" standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is less than 0.2%. It sterilizes and sanitizes miscellaneous packed or unpacked medical instruments, whether solid or A-type hollow, whether with multi-apertures or inset pipes. It efficiently tides air from every hollow area of any hollow instrument, such as hand-piece, making sure that water steam reaches every corner. Fuzzily computer controlled digital bright show. It is installed with BOWIE & DICK which measures the penetration of water steam. Mini printer is attached to record the process of sterilization.

Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico Microscope, Designed for Today's Dentistry Practice

Welcome to "Precision Micro Dentistry" & Say goodbye to "Guessing Dentistry"

OPMI pico is a compact, high-performance, easy-to-use microscope. It features many innovative functions that optimize the quality of treatment. The integrated video camera facilitates one-touch, on-demand documentation essential to the communication process with both patients and staff during treatment. The microscope magnifies vision up to 20x. This instrument is especially helpful for root canal treatment and restorative/cosmetic dentistry endodontics (for finding all root canals), surgery, periodontics, prosthetics and other precision demanding procedures. The microscopes unable us to save teeth, which had to be extracted in the past. Microscopic dentistry provides a precision/quality in dental care that is exceptional and the ability to use very high levels of magnification to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Imaging

Instinct for perfection... Sattelac Aceton X-Mind

X-Mind tubes are located at the back of the head which gives the patient better protection because the distance between the focal spot and the skin is 50% greater than in traditional configurations. The way leakage radiation is filtered (equivalent to 2mm A1 at 70kV) and controlled (less than 0.25mGy/h at 1m from focal spot) also gives maximum protection. The control button fitted with a safety system and exposure time control pre-defined by microprocessor ensure that a constant dose is administered to the patient. This technology avoids having to retake X-rays in the case of under or over-exposure. It operates at high frequencies and constant potential which enables very high quality radiation to be emitted, whatever the conditions of use with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units. The extremely short exposure times (minimum 0.02 sec.) are suitable for digital radiology with CCD, CMOS or phosphor plate sensor and the radiation is 50% less that that used with the regularly used "E" type films.

The world's 1st intelligent plate imaging system from Kodak Carestream

With its fully automated and secured x-ray workflow, the CS 7600 from Carestream Dental sets a new standard in dental imaging, providing all the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images quickly and easily–combining speed and quality with a compact size to form one versatile solution. Featuring exclusive Scan & Go technology, the unit is designed for multiple patients and users, so it's always available when you need it, with no waiting required and no risk of mistakes.

But what makes this system truly unique is its ability to electronically embed the plates with information such as your patient's name and tooth number prior to the exam so that when scanned, images are automatically routed to the proper computer and patient file. This eliminates plate mix-ups and reduces operation time making the entire process easier and incredibly efficient.

Technology you can rely on, from Kodak Carestream

The technology behind the RVG 5000 system is the result of decades of experience in digital radiography systems engineering. Innovative sensor technology with optical fiber yields high image resolution to help make confident diagnoses every time. The technology also provides greater exposure latitude to help capture the right image the first time. "Simple sophistication, Complete integration". Simple, efficient and intuitive, The Carestream Dental's imaging software provides all the tools to manipulate, print and easily archive your images.

Intraoral Camera Discover Macrovision! From Sattelac Aceton

In dentistry, numerous daily activities require magnification glasses or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the areas requiring treatment. The Sopro 717 First allows, going beyond the limits of human vision while casting off bulky accessories. "This is MacroVision". As a result, it can film a cavity preparation, make a surface state and acquire images of micro-fissures, cervical lesions –with the exceptional image quality. Furthermore the slender distal part provides unique comfort in the patient's mouth, even where space is tight. The focusing ring of the SOPRO 717 First allows great depth of field, whichever operating mode you choose (extraoral, intraoral and macro).

Using mouth mirror it is difficult to check up a status of dentition precisely. In this situation intraoral camera is very helpful, both in diagnostics and, for example, in complicated root canal treatment. Also it can be used it instead of X-ray apparatus. It is one of the best way of carietic defects detection, particularly defects on tangent surfaces (between teeth). A patient can also observe the dentist's work on the monitor screen.


Utilizing the ratio technique, Root ZX mini provides a highly accurate indication of the file's location. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water, or hydrogen peroxide.


TriAuto mini is a cordless endodontic handpiece. It can be used to enlarge canals with the same tactile feedback as manual filing. This unit offers automatic controls for speed, rotation direction, and torque that significantly increase the accuracy and safety of root canal treatment. Integrated safety-functions and new-style rotating instruments are only some of the Morita technologies which provide support to endodontists in the daily challenges they face - for a swift, safe and simple preparation of every sort of root canal. In just a few minutes, even a complex root canal system is given a safe and secure preparation. Shorter treatment times, best clinical results: this is what really counts for endodontists and their patients. And it is in just these respects that Morita's systems and instruments guarantee support.

Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit from 3M

Taking precision impressions is a critical step in providing high quality restorations to patients. As a worldwide leader in impression materials, 3M ESPE innovations have continuously advanced impression technology for the past 40 years. These innovations did not only apply to the impression material side, but also focused on the handling and robustness of the dosing and mixing of these materials. The Pentamix mixing unit device is highlighted as a key element because it dispenses the material automatically and evenly and hygienically. Gives more usable working time to make an accurate impression, allowing quick-setting materials, free of voids that can interfere with the accuracy of the impression.

BioSonic UC125XD by Coltene/Whaledent

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process created by high frequency soundwaves. The soundwaves create high energy cavitations. During cavitations millions of tiny bubbles form and then implode, releasing enormous amounts of energy and shock waves. This powerful scouring action reaches into minute crevices which cannot be reached by manual scrubbing. The combination of energy and specially formulated solutions make ultrasonic cleaning the most effective method for removing gross and microscopic debris. BioSonic provides the flexibility to efficiently clean and disinfect instruments, prostheses and other items.


One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with less anesthetic and less damage to the tissue. ZOLAR delivers on that promise with PHOTON PLUS that is an innovation from Canada based company that specializes in dental equipment manufacturing. through its various modes like continuous to duty cycle it helps allow tissue to respond positively and improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing.


Planmeca’s products are designed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. Planmeca Compact™ is equipped with the balanced instrument arms. This dental care unit is offered with a predefined Instrument range. Basic instrumentation covers all necessary instruments including integrated electric micromotors. All instrument adjustments can be done conveniently from the dental unit keyboard. The instrumentation is extended with electric scaler, LED polymerization light and intraoral camera.


X-Smart Plus is the endo motor of choice for performing root canal treatments with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and the treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment.


After the cleaning and shaping of the canal is performed, the vertical warm obturation is finished with its Duo product SuperEndo Alpha II and Beta. They maximise the effectiveness of treatment by different temperature settings, accurate and consistent temperature maintenance and decreased treatment time. They also maximize the safety of patients against the accidental burn