Dental Lifestyle

New beautiful smiles of our clients have a positive impact on their social, psychological and emotional lives. A pleasing smile is important to one’s self morale and self esteem. We welcome you our virtual practice and hope to help you to see the essence of what we want to deliver to our wonderful patient.

  • Dental Check up and Planning
  • Oral facial
  • Smile Makeover
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Tooth Jewellery
  • Replacement of Missing Tooth


The experience begins with a thorough 1 hour professional clean up session using ultra sonic devices to accentuate your bright, white beautiful smile. It allows you to look and feel fantastic at the same time and the dental work will leave you with unbeatably clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath to allow confident socializing.


It is a procedure that brightens teeth that are discolored or stained or have darkened in colour because of injury or root canal treatment.

At TDA dental care we offer you three main types of teeth whitening which are as follows:

In studio bleaching:

It is done entirely in the dental office where a bleaching agent is applied on to the tooth surface and activated by lasers. Chair side bleaching takes 30minutes to 1 hour.

Take home teeth whitening:

We create a custom fitted mouth guard that holds the bleaching gel. The mouth guard is worn up to 2 hours daily of over night for a specified period of time.


Provides a perfect solution to both immediate and long term teeth whitening. You have an option of both pre fabricated trays as well as custom made specially designed for you.


Veneers are a right option for you if you have

  1. Pitted or grooved tooth enamel.
  2. Chipped or fractured teeth.
  3. Over lapping crowded teeth.
  4. Cracked teeth
  5. Discolored teeth
  6. Spaces in between the teeth

Get ready for a glamorous photo ready smile with our following options :

Chair side composite

Chair side componeers


Esthetic fillings:

Unlike traditional amalgam fillings (metallic) white fillings among others present the advantage of being practically invisible. So don’t let other kinds of metal mouth hold back from showing off your smile.






Forget tattoos and piercing. A new craze is sweeping the tricity that will make your smile shine like a star. To be really glamorous, tantalize your teeth with top quality tooth jewellery at the TDA studio

Diamond (skyce crystal)

Emerald star (green crystal)

Semi precious crystal

Dew drop pink crystal 2500

Replacement of missing teeth:

Worried about missing tooth and hesitate to smile? We have a solution to your agony!

Choose from the following:

  • Removable partial dentures 1000 per tooth
  • Crown and Bridges:
    • Silver crown
    • Ivory PFM crown
    • Pearl PFM Crown
    • Natural (metal free)
    • Natural 3M Monolith ( 5 years warranty)
    • Natural procera ( 5 year warranty)
    • Natural3M lava basic (10 years warranty)
    • Natural 3M Lava premium ( 15 years)
  • Implants ( with PFM Crowns)
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Exclusive

We at The Dental Arcade have garnered a great deal of recognition for offering a dental makeover which goes a long way towards providing our patients with new confidence and a brighter smile.

  • Gaps between your teeth can be closed to give your smile a more even look with help of cosmetic bonding.
  • Gummy smile can be corrected with laser gum reshaping without any pain or Needle prick.
  • Tooth length can be manipulated professionally according to your facial profile as well as individual personality.
  • Tooth Proportion ideally a pleasing smile is the one in which two central front teeth have a width to length ratio to 4-to-5. This proportion guides the length and width of other teeth in the esthetic zone so that the smile line appears balanced.
  • Tooth texture & characterization includes artistically imparting more feminine or masculine appearance to veneers or crowns in addition to matching the look and feel of the natural teeth.

Ask for the package, after consultation with the resident doctor.

We are pleased to inform our soon to be married couples to take the advantage of the services offered at the TDA STUDIO.