Dental check-up camp

“In addition to providing essential healthcare services, the dental check-up camp fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the police officials. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by The Dental Arcade team helped ease any apprehensions the participants may have had about dental check-ups.

A great initiative taken by CHANDIGARH POLICE in collaboration with THE DENTAL ARCADE,CHANDIGARH.

A dental check-up camp was organized in Sector 26 Police station, Chandigarh. A Dental check up of around 100-150 police officials was done by the Dental Arcade Team.Other facilities like eye check-up, ECG, full body check-up and blood pressure and diabetic check up followed by Dietician were also there in the camp.

The oral health of the police officials was evaluated and they were advised to maintain their oral hygiene.A small talk was given by Dr. Vijita Mehta regarding awareness of oral health.The event was graced by DSP Palak Goel and SHO Juldan Singh.

The camp also highlighted the commitment of Chandigarh Police towards the well-being of its officers, emphasizing that their health and welfare are of utmost importance. Such initiatives not only ensure that the police force remains physically fit for their demanding duties but also showcase the organization’s dedication to holistic care for its personnel.

Furthermore, the event was an opportunity for the police officials to interact with healthcare professionals and gain valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Beyond the immediate benefits of the check-up camp, this experience may inspire the participants to make positive changes in their daily routines and prioritize their health.

The success of this collaboration between Chandigarh Police and The Dental Arcade has set an inspiring example for other institutions and organizations to follow suit. By promoting such initiatives, we can create a healthier and happier society, one step at a time.

As we celebrate the success of this dental check-up camp, we express our gratitude to all the organizers, volunteers, and participants who made it possible.

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