Women Empowerment Award

“Winning an award is a moment of triumph, where one’s efforts are celebrated and acknowledged by peers and experts in the field. Awards serve as a symbol of excellence and often motivate individuals to continue striving for greatness in their endeavors.”

Reveling in Dr. Vijita Mehta’s extraordinary accomplishment as one of the esteemed 15 recipients of the Women Empowerment Award in Chandigarh stands as a resounding testament to her unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions towards society.

This event unfolded in the splendid setting of the DLF City Centre IT Park in Chandigarh, coinciding with the premiere of the Punjabi cinematic gem, “Chidiya Da Chamba.” Graced by the presence of the movie’s illustrious cast, it was an evening dedicated to celebrating the indomitable spirit of womanhood through the bestowal of awards and well-deserved recognitions.

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