The lecture- “LETS ZOOM IN” at Bhojia Dental college

“Bhojia Dental College” is an esteemed institute which is situated in a lush green, petrichor and a serene environment.We were given a wonderful opportunity to visit such a place and help enlighten the budding dentists via a guest lecture.

The College was gracious enough to honour our team by lighting the lamp and marking the start of a beautiful collaboration.

The lecture- “LETS ZOOM IN” was centered on the fundamental concepts of magnification. Magnification plays a crucial role in the field of dentistry.To grasp this concept effectively, our lecture was aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of magnification through a combination of theoretical knowledge,visual presentation and case studies.To ensure the success of this lecture, we strongly encouraged active participation from the candidates, answering their doubts and discussions during and after the session to ensure a crystal-clear understanding about the fundamentals concepts of magnification.

Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the team of Adhividyam from the esteemed institute “Bhojia Dental College, Baddi”
Potted plants were given to the team symbolizing growth, harmony, and the nurturing of talents.We hope that this beautiful collaboration on such progressive and informative lectures serve as a reminder to achieve a brighter future and a positive attitude towards the betterment of dentistry per se.

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