Know more about mucocele !

A mucocele may be a harmless cyst or bump in your mouth. you’ll catch on if a small tube (duct) that moves saliva gets damaged or blocked. This most frequently happens if you repeatedly bite or suck on your lower lip or cheek.

Causes :-

Where does a mucocele come from?

It centers on alittle exocrine gland , which makes saliva in your mouth

Symptoms :-

Mucoceles often show abreast of the within of your lower lips, your gums, the roof of your mouth, or under your tongue. Those on the ground of the mouth are called ranulas. These are rare, but because they’re larger, they will cause more problems with speech, chewing, and swallowing.

Treament of Mucocele:-

Treatment is predicated upon the severity of the mucous cyst. Sometimes cysts might not require treatment and can heal on their own over time. Superficial cysts often resolve on their own. to stop infection or tissue damage, don’t attempt to open or remove cysts reception . Frequent or recurring cysts may require further medical treatment.

Treatments utilized in mucous cysts that aren’t very severe include:

Laser therapy. This treatment uses alittle , directed beam of sunshine to get rid of the cyst.

Cryotherapy. This treatment removes the cyst by freezing its tissues.

Intralesional corticosteroid injection. This treatment injects a steroid into the cyst to scale back inflammation and speed up healing.

To prevent recurrence — or to treat especially severe cysts — your doctor may recommend surgical removal of the cyst or maybe the entire exocrine gland .

Even after healing, the sole thanks to ensure a cyst won’t come is to possess it surgically removed. Avoid habits like lip or cheek biting to assist prevent future cysts.


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