Know about Torus palatinus

Torus palatinus may be a benign peculiarity wherein there’s a bony outgrowth on the palate. it’s a traditional bump on the roof of the mouth. it’s one among the foremost common exostosis involving the mouth . it’s not cancerous, neither is it painful or sore. It comes in several shapes: nodular, spindle-like, lobular, or irregular. it’s hard upon palpation and radiography shows opacity on this area thanks to the bone’s density. Since it’s normal, there’s no symptom related to it.

Torus Palatinus Causes

torus-palatinus-picturesGenetic and ethnic factors: Torus palatinus occurs in 20% of the overall population. Torus mandibularis occurs in 6-40%.It mostly appears after puberty. it’s generally seen among adults. for youngsters in 5-15 age groups, there’s 30.9% occurrence and it had been shown that females are more likely to develop it. Torus palatinus is more common among females. Torus mandibularis is more common among males. Torus palatinus doesn’t got to be treated since its essential features appear to be normal. it’s simply an anatomical variance that doesn’t affect everyone folks . Surgical removal offers an answer if torus palatinus causes a drag within the placement of dentures or dental prosthesis.


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