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Chair Side Veneers

 Chair side veneers were done with upper front teeth

Patient came to the clinic for better presentation of upper front teeth and smile as patient was not comfortable talking, smiling and socializing because of the teeth. At the same time patient wanted a less invasive treatment, Hence chair side veneers were advised.
Full treatment is done under magnification.

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Composite Restoration followed by crown

Patient complains of dislodged crown in lower right back tooth region and wants to get her treatment done for the same. After investigation we found that tooth was RCT treated and most of the tooth structure was decayed so in order to place crown over it Gingivoplasty was advised to the patient followed by crown. As patient was not keen in getting tooth extracted and wanted to save it. Full treatment was done under microscope.

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Componeers were done with upper front teeth

Patient reported to the clinic with a complain of fractured upper front teeth region and wanted to get it restored.
After investigation and diagnosis componeers were advised.
Full treatment was done under microscope.

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